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Low Risk. High Returns. The Holy Grail of Investing

Low Risk Investing Articles

Free Dividend Stocks Discovery Tool
Owning stocks of companies that grow their dividends is a great low risk investment strategy. Use the free tool on this site to discover great dividend stocks.

Investment Risk Tolerance Quiz
Take this quiz to get an idea of your risk tolerance- one of the fundamental issues to consider when planning your investment strategy.

Four Low Risk Investment Ideas
The article is a few years old and incredibly, the interest rates mentioned in the article have dropped more than 70%. Yet the ideas are still valid for investors seeking safer alternatives to stocks.

Beat the Odds With These 3 Low-Risk Investments
A recent study conducted by Morningstar found that over the past three years, roughly half of all active funds succeeded in outperforming whichever Morningstar index most closely resembles their investment objective. However, once you consider the extra risk that some managers needed in order to boost performance, the study found that as few as 37% of funds had better risk-adjusted returns than their benchmark index.